A message on COVID 19 from the CIG Uganda Team Leader

These are unprecedented times for Uganda and the world. During the Presidential lockdown CIG staff are working as hard as ever from our homes, in Uganda and around the world, to continue to support Uganda in our joint goals of job creation and economic productivity.

We are flexing our activities to support our partners respond to COVID. Job creation and stimulating economic growth will be more important than ever to the country and we are exploring with partners such as the Kampala Capital City Authority how to stimulate faster bounce back from the knock to the economy and incorporating COVID and emergency response into planning.

Humans are at their most innovative in times of crisis. I am inspired by my amazing CIG Team, who have continued to deliver throughout this period. I am also thankful to our parent company Cardno, for the support they have shown in terms of ensuring all staff welfare is taken care of and providing us with guidance and aids to manage remote working seamlessly.

With this in mind we have provided free templates on this website of our guidance on Remote Working ( Manager's guide to Remote Working , Remote Working Policy and Code of Conduct , and Tips of Working from home )to help our partners and other organisations get the best out of their staff.

Wishing you health and safety in this difficult time. Together we will thrive.

Helena McLeod – CIG Team Leader