Working with KCCA to create a better City

Earmarked among the fastest growing cities in world by the World Economic Forum recent report, with a day population of 5 million people, the role of citizens and city dwellers is critical in generating ideas as Kampala City intensifies initiatives for a functional city.

CIG Uganda facilitated a Private Sector engagement with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to get their views on what they want to see in the city. The event that was organised in partnership with Private Sector Foundation Uganda, saw over 70 participants from across the sector and associations that constitute the private sector members.

The breakfast meeting focussed on opportunities for the private sector to work with KCCA for mutual benefit, the current challenges that needs urgent attention and ways of improving the city’s business environment.

Some of the issues raised included, unlit city, garbage management, traffic congestion, licencing issues, security, uncoordinated planning and poor enforcement of the otherwise good policies and regulations.

The members made recommendations including engaging local specialists in the design of infrastructure, use of local content and a more elaborate planning spanning 5 to 30 years as the city’s context keeps changing.

KCCA were asked to develop holistic models for the city improvements that can be shared with the private sector and financiers.

Speaking at the event, the CIG team Leader, Helena McLeod thanked the private sector members for turning up in big numbers and said CIG has been supporting KCCA to engage extensively with city dwellers to develop a more comprehensive integrated strategic plan.

The Executive Director of the Private Sector Foundation Uganda Gideon Badagawa, welcomed this initiative for engagement and hoped this would become more regular since the private sector is the source of revenue for the local Government. He recommended that this should culminate into a Memorandum of Understanding between PSFU and KCCA to continue with the dialogue beyond the strategy development.

The KCCA Ag. Director Richard Lule was grateful for the candid feedback and said they will continue to engage the members going forward and action some of the issues raised.

“As we start KCCA’s 9th year, it is extremely important to develop strategies jointly with the people we serve and this is a perfect opportunity meeting with the private sector and planning together. We have lined up a lot of infrastructure upgrade programmes in the city and the private sector has given us land at no cost to facilitate road expansion. This is the kind of collaboration we are looking for,” noted Lule.

The objective of the dialogue was to engage the private sector members to gather their views and feedback that will feed in to the next KCCA 5-year strategy. This plan will also be aligned to the National Development Plan III.

CIG Uganda is supporting the authority to deliver not only an inclusive strategy, but also an implementation plan over the next five-years.