KCCA and CIG Uganda in partnership to develop an inclusive 5-year city strategy

The impact of cities and urban centres on the economic and social development of a country can be enormous if approached correctly.

Productive cities and urban centres can open up a country for investments, improve competitiveness, create jobs and promote transformation and inclusive growth.

However, with rapid urbanisation outstripping service delivery, challenges manifest. These include, unemployment, a crippling mass transport system, informal settlements, congestion and ultimately increased poverty levels.

Uganda is no exception. Rapid urbanisation has presented challenges for the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area (GMKA), to become the most attractive city in the world, as envisioned in Government of Uganda's Vision 2040.

With UK Aid support, CIG Uganda is working with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to review Kampala’s 5-year strategic plan, prepare a new integrated plan, including an implementation framework.

To kick start the process, the CIG team attended the KCCA management team retreat in August to discuss the way forward, and understand expectations.

CIG is supporting KCCA to undertake an extensive consultation process to ensure the final plan is inclusive.

CIG is working with cities and municipal authorities along the Jinja-Kampala Corridor, to improve service delivery and create productive urban centres.