CIG Team visits the 600 MW Karuma Hydro Power Project

As part of a familiarization with the power sector as a whole, the CIG Uganda visited the 600 MW Karuma Hydro Power Plant currently under construction in North Western Uganda

The tour, organised by Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL), is part of the continuous engagement with key partners to understand the whole value chain of the power sector in Uganda.

The $1.7bn power plant is being constructed under a 25-year concession, with 85% of the financing provided under a 25-year concession loan from Exim Bank China.

The dam that has been under construction since 2013, when commissioned, will bring the generation capacity to 2000 MW.

The generated power will be evacuated to feed central and western Uganda, and to West Nile for export to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and South Sudan. The last power line will evacuate to Northern Uganda.

CIG Uganda is working with the power sector players in Uganda, to unbundle the constraints that are hindering access to cheap and reliable power by Ugandans, despite the surplus supply being generated currently.

Only 60-70% of Ugandans currently have access to power. The cost of tariffs makes it impossible for the poor to get connected to the grid.

Working in partnership with sector players, the aim is to attract investment into Uganda, to absorb the excess power capacity. For this to happen CIG will support, through free technical expertise, improvements in power reliability stronger financial sustainability in the sector and approaches to increase energy access.