Cardno is a global provider of integrated professional services which enrich the physical and social environment for the communities in which we live and work. Our team of multidisciplinary specialists has almost 75 years' experience in designing, developing and delivering sustainable projects and community advancement programs.

Cardno has been delivering practical, innovative and sustainable solutions in international development for 50 years.

We analyse and reflect on this experience to provide agile and adaptive management and technical solutions, continuing to adapt to the needs of our clients with measurable impact and sustainable results. This rests on our commitment to investing in communities where we work, localising our operations wherever possible. Our worldwide team is a diverse mix of the communities in which we live and work.

Some of Cardno’s expertise includes:


Urban Development

Sustainable urbanisation has moved to the centre of the development agenda and Sub-Saharan Africa is the most rapidly urbanising region in the world.

Our Urban Development Technical Practice brings together senior experts with ample experience in the region, focussed solely on this agenda. They are on hand to provide guidance and work alongside projects team where it is needed.

Our core, in-house urban services include:

Transport Sector:

Cardno IT Transport Technical Practice team, is a leading international consultancy specialising in the needs of the transport sector in emerging economies.

We are one of the few leading consulting companies that advocate a broad approach to sustainable development and understand the fundamental role that access and transport holds.

The sector has an international reputation for its work, with over 35 years’ experience in providing high quality consultancy services to a wide range of clients in the UK and overseas, including governments, multilateral and bilateral aid agencies, NGOs and the private sector.

Our Expertise